Storytravelers contacted us to manage the final cut of the new season of Al Jazeera’s first travel show: “The Traveler”. Together with Mark Hofmeyr we worked on the editing narrative and revamped the structure and style of the show creating these three episodes, the pilot for the new season.


Albania: Episode 1

Watch the original broadcast here


Creating, shooting and editing a travel series is probably one of the most challenging type of TV projects there can be. Storytravelers teamed us up with Mark Hofmeyr to revamp the structure and narrative of Al Jazeera’s first travel series: The Traveler, under Caspar Diederik’s direction. Three episodes of a runtime of 26 minutes each, with most of the postproduction pipeline managed remotely.

Albania: Episode 2

English subtitles version in our portfolio version:

Watch the Broadcasted episode without subtitles on Al Jazeera’s Youtube channel


Albania: Episode 3