For the launch of their new line “Nova: Landscape inside”, we were contacted by Oikos to think a concept for an event to be held in the “venetian Sixtine Chapel”, the famous San Rocco School. We came up with the idea of a “stargate”, a video installation to work as a portal to different landscapes during their stay.


The space

The San Rocco School is among the most valuable historical buildings in Italy. With the work of Tiepolo and Tintoretto on its walls, it’s quite a challenge to concept an installation that can work yet not compete with the beauty of the space.


The concept

To concept the production and installation of the display, we thought mainly about the concept behind the creation of the Nova door. A door that is not only that, but also a portal. The transparent nature of the door is a medium between two environments. Two worlds connected by it. That’s how we decided to reproduce this idea of a portal through the shape of a door, respecting the visitor’s vantage point to create a geometrical correlation between the inside and the outsided, mainly inspired on the strong perspective parallax of the immense room.


The Technical solution

The friulian company Claps organized the installation on site with their equipment and know-how through a retro-projection screen


The show