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Meet Tango Smart Manager


APZmedia is the result of years in the creative industry, managing international projects, with remote vendors and clients, complex processes and tight deadlines.


We gathered up all the challenges that we found on the way from an organizational standpoint and thought about creating a software aimed to solve daily challenges, flexible enough to create your own workflow and applying it with ease.


That’s the aim of Tango Smart Manager


Why Tango?


Tango is a creative dance. Some dancers say that “there are no mistakes in tango”. If you know the rules and can read the signs, you can get back on track easily.

That’s the same spirit any workflow must have. A set of rules, but the chance to get back on track when things get unpredictable.

Most management software suites are rigid in nature. We believe that consolidating a creative workflow must be a fluid, reactive and fun activity. Just like Tango.


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Be the first to know when it’s ready and bring your own problems to solve to the table. We want to make a product of actual value for the user, and we need you to do it.