The future is immersive vr xr extended limitless now

Extended reality and bespoke Immersive experiences

Recreate virtual instances of real spaces, or create new spaces from scratch.

We design Virtual Reality, Augmented reality and immersive experiences.

Control lighting, materials, sounds, and interactions with unparallel control.

We create immersive websites and dedicated apps, completely customizable, but story oriented.

Create or enhance the space where to meet clients and activate places for conversations and client interactions with you, your content, or your products, open all year long.

From widely compatible web experiences, to full stereoscopic 3D apps for VR devices, our products and services are useful for very different sectors


Create digital showrooms or make a digital copy of your real one.

Add your products and create new selling opportunities straight on the experience.

Cultural projects

Extend the reach of your cultural patrimony in time and space.

Create hybrid content experiences combining video, audio, text, and interactive spaces navigation. Enrich physical spaces with digital content.

Real state

Bring your project to life and allow people visit their new property before it’s built.

Show the before/after result of your work in an engaging way.

Research and industry

Help people remotely navigate spaces and explore machinery.

Create immersive demonstrations or training pieces for your partners and employees.


The generated virtual spaces are accesible without any time limits.

Both the spaces and the elements inside are customizable and can be updated or modified as needed.

Proven experience

17+ years of work in visual FX and 3D animation

APZmedia and its technical partners have over 17+ years in 3D animation, VFX (visual effects) and interactive experiences development.

During our careers we worked for international clients like Peugeot, Chevrolet, YPF, Nestlè, and many others

Coming soon

Motion Capture:

Bring physical performance to your immersive experience. Record real performances from people’s movements and bring them to your content. 

Unlike a regular or a 360 video, you decide the vantage point.