May 13, 2022

APZmedia digitalizes entire Synchrotron


We recently had the enormous task of digitalizing the entirety of the Experimental Hall of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste. From them we created 3D scans of the whole premises.

Thanks to our 3D scanner and our know how in the photogrammetry realm, we created digital twins and orthoprojections of the entire Experimental hall. An enormous Hall shaped as a ring with a 200m+ circumference.

A 3D overview of one of the sextants that compose the 3D scan

Thousands of square meters in a set of scans unique in the world.

Thanks to this technology, visitors and researchers all over the world can visit each corner of the facilities. An immediate access in an unique and immersive vantage point.

These scans can be visited and annotated, besides taking measures of any place in the space. A 3D scan can save precious minutes that in a matter of weeks can compound into full days.

Imagine you need to check a measurement in a place that is more than 200 meters from you. Just the walk there and back to your office can take up to 10 minutes. You need the keys to the place, and then return the keys. You need clearances and to follow safety protocols. All this can be avoided with a 3D scan.


We also perform an exhaustive photogrammetry, to recreate a synthetic top view impossible to film or photograph otherwise. This allows the technical team at Elettra to have a current state overview faithful to reality, with an incredible resolution and an enormous zoom level.

A schematic of the scanning method for the photogrammetry process

Thanks to our photogrammetric processing we can rebuild a top view removing perspective, and creating an accurate schematic view based on reality.

Thanks to a sequence of images we can rebuild a volumetric space.
Orthoprojections create a 2D projection of a 3D space removing parallax and perspective, and creating an accurate view otherwise impossible.

The application of 3D scans are limitless. We use them also for the creation of virtual sets, film previz and virtual production.

These services are accessories to our immersivity services, where we craft custom made experiences. Check our services here

Pablo Apiolazza

Pablo Apiolazza

Creative director / Filmmaker

 I have over 20 years of transversal experience in VFX, production, and postproduction of film and digital, managing remote teams and projects internationally

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