Società Velica Barcola e Grignano

The Race before the race

Four great sailing champions in a journey to the essence of sailing, that is not just a sport: it’s a way of being, on land and on board. A way to be one with the element. Featured in numerous film festivals around the globe.



Società Velica Barcola e Grignano

Director: Pablo Apiolazza

Producer: Federica Raffin

Featuring: Paul Cayard – Isabelle Joschke – Mauro Pelaschier – Vasco Vascotto

Camera: Pablo Apiolazza – Jorge Muchut

Editing/coloring: Pablo Apiolazza

Sound editing: Emiliano Racino

Aditional imagery: Alberto Alesse – Davide Morandi – Ettore Spezza – Mauro Zocchi – Lino Dossi

Mendelsohn, Die Hebriden, Op. 26
Beethoven meeresstille und glückliche fahrt
performed by Verdi’s Theater Orchestra
Remo Anzovino, Estasi
Remo Anzovino, Afrodite

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