CERIC campaign 2021

CERIC is a multidisciplinary Research Infrastructure open for basic and applied users in the fields of Materials, Biomaterials and Nanotechnology. We were engaged to coordinate a full campaign with 20+ long form videos in five different countries, that explained the very complex technologies and procedures they harness to deliver top quality research in several applications.

We produced and coordinated crews around europe simultaneously to comply with travel restrictions and tight deadlines.




An APZmedia production

Creative director: Pablo Apiolazza

Executive Producer: Federica Raffin

Production assistant: Erica Paoletti

Editing: Giulio Ainzara, Jordan Orlando, Filippo Gobatto, Joe Barba, Alessio Vincenti

Sound: Alessio Vincenti

Music: Reid Willis

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the project

a cohesive branding

Controlling the look and feel of the full campaign, we could create a cohesive motion graphics system based on the brandind manual of the consortium.

This way users can immediately recognize the content owner, raising brand awareness and underlining the international collaboration aspect of the consortium.

An international project

The production took place in record time. Over two hours of content filmed in 5 different countries in one week, and only 30 days from brief to delivery.

Due to COVID restrictions shootings took place simultaneously and remotely directed from our headquarters.