Dolomiti Energia AI characters

The video agency Videonaria was asked to create a retirement message to an important manager of Dolomiti Energia. 

They had the fantastic idea of making characters of the past talk to each other in an onyrical setting about his departure.

And they called us to make it happen with the power of AI.

Client: Dolomiti Energia
Agency: Videonaria
Project: Farewell Marco
Duration: 2 weeks
Scope: AI Characters animation

The request

We needed to bring back to life to three important characters: Leonardo Da Vinci, Dante Alighieri and Albert Einstein, and transfer an actor’s performance into them. 


The Process

Creating photorealistic animations of these characters was less straightforward that what you might expect.

For Einstein it was easier because there were several photographs on the public domain, but the two other characters were not even alive by the time of photography, so we had to recreate them converting scultpures and paintings into real life sinthographies. 



Creative Director: Joe Barba

Assistant Producer: Erica Paoletti

Editor: Giulio Ainzara

AI Generation : Pablo Apiolazza