italy 2050

ITALY 2050

We wanted to make a story about immigration, seeing with some concern the growing hate and confusion around it, and trying to shed some light on the subject the way we see it. In 2007 we started working on a documentary about it but the project had to wait. This year we considered that the situation is aggravating, and we couldn’t wait any longer, so we decided to create this simple short film.
Winner of #Italy2050 contest at the Milan African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival.



Cast: Federica Raffin / Zhora – Lorenzo Zuffi / Father

Director: Pablo Apiolazza

Executive producer: Federica Raffin

Screenplay: Pablo Apiolazza – Matteo Mascarin – Jordan Orlando – Stefania Quaini – Irene Raffin

Camera: Pablo Apiolazza – Jorge Muchut

Editing/Coloring: Pablo Apiolazza

3d: Esteban Ponce – Owl Studio

Vfx: Pablo Apiolazza

Voice: Lorenzo Zuffi

Costume: Jessica Tonioli – Jessica Tonioli Jewelry

Music: Alone in Tokio

Sound editing: Pablo Apiolazza

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