Jotun Genoa fair mapping

The italian branch of Jotun, the titan of vessel and maritime infrastructure painting, wanted to have an innovative presence at Genoa’s Salone Nautico. We designed and concepted a mapping system and a custom made animation loop to portray the main features of their flagship products, reusable on their headquarters.  



Client: Jotun Italia

Art Director: Pablo Apiolazza

Exectuive Producer: Federica Raffin

Production Coordinator: Erica Paoletti

Illustrations : Giada Mihelic (Jade)

Animations: Edo Faravelli

Mapping setup: Chiara  Cernoia

Origami screen: Annalisa Metus


We designed a tailor made experience to adapt to Jotun’s fair layout, creating a space that worked as a canvas.


An origami paint can came out of the canvas, and was mapped into the experience. A short throw projector was conceiled on a table in order to avoid unauthorized installations on the fair.


A custom made loop portrayed bespoke illustrations and animations to showcase the main qualities of their flagship products.


Each scene came in and out of the paint can, on a seamless loop controlled by a microcomputer.