Blue Technologies

The italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) wanted a full fledged multimedia campaign to promote the italian excellences of blue technologies. We created a corpus of contents, including two videos and an immersive experience to showcase the italian icebreaker Laura Bassi, moored by the time of production in New Zealand. A unique tailored interactive experience for web, iOS, Android and Oculus technologies, by recreating digitally the entire vessel in its current habitat.



An APZmedia production

Powered by Another Polite Studio

Creative director: Pablo Apiolazza

Executive Producer: Federica Raffin

Production assistant :Erica Paoletti

Copywriting: Damian Comas

Editing: Giulio Ainzara

Sound: Simone Campobasso

Voiceover: Steven Mountjoy

Immersive designer: Esteban Ponce

Immersive production: Francisco Pascual

Postproduction direction: Martin Piñeiro

Programming: Joaquin Cañardo

Modelling: Ernesto Cabada

the experience





Immersive website

In order to reach all targets, we created a responsive interactive website, accesible from most browsers and devices.

The experience has two modes: an exploration mode, where the user navigates autonomously the experience, and an automatic tour, with a voiceover narration taking us into each space.

Oculus App

The Oculus app allows the user to navigate the scene using an Oculus-compatible VR device to experience the vessel in first person. 

A screen appears in front of them to display text, images and extra contents on each space.


ios/android App

The dedicated Android/iOS apps are able to use the built in gyroscopes to navigate the scenes moving the device around, for further immersivity.

multimedia contents

The immersive experiences were populated with materials from the Italian National Antarctic Program – PNRA. Extra videos and images can be found in the different spaces, according to their relevance.


We also curated the copywriting, and editing of two videos based on archive footage, where we shot original material to update OGS’s contents.

These contents can be updated by request, making the immersive experience a lasting and dynamic project that can grow over time, and provide extra functionalities and updated information.