Tech stories 2 – Webseries

Tech Stories, the webseries produced in collaboration with AREA Science Park, continues with the second season. Five new episodes with five different stories about people who have made scientific research the aim of their lives.
Authentic stories, accessible to many that inform and inspire. Once again, AREA Science Park is the place of the possible.

Tech stories has a dedicated website



Client: AREA

Director: Pablo Apiolazza

Producer: Federica Raffin

Assistant producer: Erica Paoletti

Camera assistant: Alessio Vincenti – Giuliano Bonaldo

Editor: Simone Campobasso

Sound: Massimiliano Borghesi

Original music: Reid Willis

Master: Massimiliano Borghesi

Technical direction and supervision: Barbara Delbello – Leo Brattoli

We took care of the project from concept to post-production. Through motion design and animations, we have described scientific and technological concepts, abstract and complex, almost always impossible to film, translating and simplifying them in visual form.