THZ camera adv

H-Cube H-Cube is an innovative spin-off of CNR, at the forefront of hyperspectral imaging technology.They needed to represent what their technology is able to do, which is impossible to film. We created a high-end 3D animation for a breakdown of their sensors and technologies.

Project Overview:

Client: H-Cube (CNR Spinoff)
Project: TeraHertz Hyperspectral Camera Animation
Duration: 1 month
Scope: 3D Animation, Storytelling, Visualization


We started by delving deep into the intricacies of the TeraHertz Hyperspectral Camera’s operation. Our team collaborated closely with CNR’s experts to understand every facet of this remarkable technology. We knew that our animation had to be more than just visuals; it had to tell a compelling story.


We crafted a narrative that would captivate viewers and make them feel as though they were embarking on a journey through the camera’s inner workings. The story takes viewers from the camera’s inception, through its advanced processes, and finally to its real-world applications.


Our talented artists brought the TeraHertz Hyperspectral Camera to life with stunning 3D visuals. Every component, every wavelength, and every interaction was meticulously designed and animated, creating a mesmerizing and educational experience.

Project Highlights

In-Depth Understanding: Our team’s dedication to understanding the technology allowed us to explain even the most intricate details of the TeraHertz Hyperspectral Camera’s operation.
Engaging Storytelling: We transformed complex technical information into a captivating narrative that appeals to both experts and laypersons.
Immersive Visualization: Our 3D animation brings the camera’s inner workings to life, making it accessible and comprehensible to all audiences.



Creative Director: Pablo Apiolazza

Executive Producer: Federica Raffin

Assistant Producer: Erica Paoletti

Look Dev: Esteban Ponce

Rendering: Owl Studio