Global Young Academy

The Tianjin Biosecurity Guidelines

The Global Young Academy is an international society of young scientists, aiming to give a voice to young scientists across the globe. They had the mission to promote The Tianjin Guidelines for Biosecurity, an essential framework for world research.

And they called us to create the campaign.

Client: Global Young Academy
Project: The Tianjin Guidelines for Biosecurity
Duration: 4 months
Scope: Full digital campaign, interactive

The request

The GYA needed to create appealling visual assets to disseminate the Tianjin Guidelines for Biosecurity, a set of advice to promote responsible research, and avoid huge losses due to avoidable mistakes.

In order to do that we used Artifical Intelligence to develop an ambitious campaign, that included 10 short videos, a landing page, infographics and an interactive video quiz.



We combined the power of artificial intelligence with the craft and ingenuity of illustrators and digital artists to develop all the creativity.

The Guidelines

For the ten video Guidelines for Social media we trained an AI pictorical style based on sinthetic data. We researched different spaces and objects present in  the scientific daily universe and created ad-hoc datasets.

Then we used that custom model to enhance illustrations and create the animations.

The Tianjin Biosecurity Challenge

In order to create engaging e-learning material we worked side by side with experts in the field and some of the authors of the Tianjin Guidelines to draft 10 specific scenarios that could fictionalize in a realistic way possible dilemmas that researchers and stakeholders could face in their daily activities.



Creative Director: Pablo Apiolazza

Executive Producer: Federica Raffin

Assistant Producer: Erica Paoletti

Illustrations & Design: Laila Miño

Editor: Giulio Ainzara

Assist. Editor: Andrea Rosasco

Voice: Luis Coudet

Mocap & Runway Animation: Alberto Botter