Tango smart metalogger

Manage your everyday tasks and organize your materials with ease.

Prepare for the ultimate tool for creative workflows.

A solution for content creators who wants to grow,  collectives of creative people trying to collaborate more efficiently, expanding agencies, and companies and institution opening a media division.

Save time, get people on board easier and keep your digital assets organized.


smart metalogger

Take advantage of your metadata to organize your footage. Enrich your audio, photos and videos with rules to rename, copy and move your media files automatically.

Dynamic folder structures

Predefine dynamic folder structures to organize your media. Create relative or absolute paths for project based folders or centralized libraries.

Dynamic naming and tagging

Rename your media based on dynamic properties. Create and apply naming conventions to media easily. Avoid new users mistakes by streamlining the process.

Use smart criteria to search easier your media

Use simple or complex criteria.

Create conditional rules to apply keywords automatically based on combined criteria.

Get add ons and criteria from geolocation, to AI and machine learning.

smart manager

Associate your media to your projects. Organize incoming documents and assets from clients without the need to onboard them into a platform.

Define collaborators and clients

Define your teams and your clients to automatically sort out resposibilities and incoming documents and media.

Create different templates for different scenarios

From family albums to multi unit broadcast series, Tango can help you turn know how into an automated process.

Smart inbox

Sort out your inbox attachments fast, associating incoming media to the right project.

the software


Define your workflow and your media infrastructure.

Create the rules to organize your media using filters and combined criteria.


Create project templates  according to your workflow.


Ingest your new media automatically, keeping track on the changes and actions, and enriching your metadata automatically. Rename, copy, move and create backups according to your current infrastructure.


Improve your rules and create new ones to adapt to your needs and consolidate the way you work.


rules-based workflows

organize your media.

simple. smart.

Create your rules and let the metalogger apply them for you. No more manual work.

Organize or reorganize your media your own way.


multi user system

consolidate your workflow to bring teams together instantly

Scale up your team fast without the need to explain how  to organize your media.

Teach the program how you work, so you don’t have to teach it again.

Facilitate the onboarding of new collaborators, keep things organized and keep track of everything.

Create different scenarios for different types of projects, different kinds of media, or different kinds of professionals involved.

online catalog

Catalog your media on the fly

Create a reliable library of all your projects and media, with reports of who uploads assets and where they are. One centralized library for all your media. One simple way to archive finished projects.

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